Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Universal Edit Button

theDIYpal wiki website is among a growing number of wiki websites to enable the Universal Edit Button on their website. The UEB was enabled on theDIYpal the 11 of August 2008.

The Universal Edit Button is a green pencil icon wiki.png in the address bar that indicates a web page is editable. It is similar to the orange "broadcast" RSS icon ExampleRSS.png that indicates there is an RSS feed available.

A screenshot of UEB enabled browser (click image for larger view)

This button allows a web surfer to quickly recognize a webpage that can be edited and clicking the icon quickly brings them to the edit screen of that page . This button is supported only by firefox browser at this time and must me downloaded and installed as a plugin to firefox browser for it to be enabled. No support for internet explorer yet but progress can be ckeck here.

The hope is that major web browsers will adopt UED and give the open edit community of wikis and their followers a tool to easily recognize an edit friendly community they can participate in.

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